2019 MINI EV  Engine High Resolution Wallpapers

2019 MINI EV

Mini believes its first series production electrical model, which is currently being tested in prototype form in the Arctic Circle, marks a critical point in its history due to the fact that it straig...

2019 MINI Hardtop  Rear High Resolution Pictures

2019 MINI Hardtop

Back in 2014, the Mini Cooper went through a complete redesign, but you may not have actually discovered it without a tape measure. Then, in 2017, it got a moderate name change to the Mini Hardtop. No...

2019 Mini Convertible  Front   Wallpaper

2019 Mini Convertible

Back in 2016, Mini debuted the third-generation Cooper Convertible, however its changes were more evolutionary than revolutionary. For 2018, this new-look Cooper Convertible handled a slightly differe...